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Graduated Compression for Lymphedema

How does medical graduated compression work for lymphedema management? Medical graduated compression garments are an integral part of lymphedema therapy. Since the lymphatic system does not have...

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Lymphedema Self Massage for the Arm(s) - Upper Extremity

Self-massage is often an integral part of lymphedema care. If you’re able, work with your therapist to determine whether self-massage is right for you and to learn how to perform it on yourself. Your...

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Lymphedema Organizations Making a Difference

The lymphedema community is more visible and raising more awareness than ever before. We owe a lot of that to the following organizations, putting in the work to educate and help with the quality of l...

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Lymphedema and Body Image

When our founder was diagnosed with lymphedema, what most bothered her about the diagnosis wasn’t the medical aspect of managing the disease. She knew that she can put in the work and with proper self...

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Dry Brushing & Lymphedema

Dry brushing is a special self-massage with a natural bristle brush. Proponents of this technique believe that it helps with circulation, detoxification, and improves dry skin. Some believe that dry b...

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What kind of exercise is safe for lymphedema?

You may have received instructions from your medical team on whether exercise may be safe for you and your specific stage of treatment and degree of edema. It is best to follow this advice. If you fee...

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