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Living with Lymphedema

Living with lymphedema presents unique challenges and limitations that may be difficult to navigate. One of the best things you can do for yourself as a lymphedema patient is to empower yourself with...

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3 Lymphedema Care Accounts to Follow

This Lymphedema Awareness Month we wanted to highlight the dedicated and hardworking lymphedema professionals creating great informational content on social media. Arming yourself with knowledge about...

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10 Inspiring Lymphies to Follow this March

It is here! March is lymphedema awareness month! We are so excited to spend the month celebrating the amazing lymphedema community and raising awareness. Did you know that there are up to 250 million...

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Graduated Compression for Lymphedema

How does medical graduated compression work for lymphedema management? Medical graduated compression garments are an integral part of lymphedema therapy. Since the lymphatic system does not have...

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Lymphedema Self Massage for the Arm(s) - Upper Extremity

Self-massage is often an integral part of lymphedema care. If you’re able, work with your therapist to determine whether self-massage is right for you and to learn how to perform it on yourself. Your...

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Lymphedema Organizations Making a Difference

The lymphedema community is more visible and raising more awareness than ever before. We owe a lot of that to the following organizations, putting in the work to educate and help with the quality of l...

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