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Lymphedema and Body Image

When our founder was diagnosed with lymphedema, what most bothered her about the diagnosis wasn’t the medical aspect of managing the disease. She knew that she can put in the work and with proper self...

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Dry Brushing & Lymphedema

Dry brushing is a special self-massage with a natural bristle brush. Proponents of this technique believe that it helps with circulation, detoxification, and improves dry skin. Some believe that dry b...

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What kind of exercise is safe for lymphedema?

You may have received instructions from your medical team on whether exercise may be safe for you and your specific stage of treatment and degree of edema. It is best to follow this advice. If you fee...

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Lymphedema and Diet

Is there an ideal diet that can help alleviate swelling due to lymphedema or reduce the severity of symptoms? Unfortunately, there are not any good studies that definitively have the answer to this qu...

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LympheDIVAs Statement Regarding COVID-19

Updated 04/05/2021LympheDIVAs was founded on the premise of helping people manage their disease in both a physical and emotional aspect. Managing health is a priority for us and for those we are tryin...

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Howard Alan Levin, MD July 6, 1940 - February 5, 2020

Our husband, father, brother, and friend died February 5, 2020 from complications of Multiple Myeloma.Howard was born July 6, 1940 in Baltimore, MD. He received a BA in American History from Columbia...

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