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Lymphedivas Vendor Feature: Women's Health Boutique

We are pleased to introduce Women’s Health Boutique, one of our long time vendors in the great state of Texas. Owner: Vicki D. JonesHow did you get into the business? We couldn’t find medica...

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Meet LympheDIVAs Art Director Jill Gustavis

How long have you worked at LympheDIVAs?About 7.5 years. I joined the company in October 2011 when they relocated from Philadelphia to Pittsfield. I started on the production team and over the years m...

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How Yoga and Meditation Build Resilience

Claire Petretti Marti has been practicing, studying, and teaching yoga since 1999. Like many fitness enthusiasts, she was initially drawn to yoga for the physical benefits of strength, balance, and...

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Lymphedivas Vendor Feature: Bandages Plus

Meet Lymphedivas Dealer Bandages Plus!How did you get into the business? We acquired BP nearly 7 years ago. The company had been in the field of compression therapy for over 20 years when we acquired...

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Meet LympheDIVAs Creative/Marketing Director Anna Sokolowski

How long have you worked at LympheDIVAs?In a few months I will be celebrating 10 years at LympheDIVAs! What does your job entail, what’s your typical day like? My job is all things marketing, social...

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My LympheDIVAs Story: Dianne

Tell Us About Yourself:My name is Dianne and I am 53 yrs old. I'm from Lacona, Iowa where I live on a farm with my husband. I am the school nurse for Southeast Warren Schools here and am the Rescue...

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