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LympheDIVAs Vendor Feature: Lymphedames

We are pleased to feature our South Africa distributor Lymphedames for this vendor feature. How did you get into the business?People always like to tell you that you’re special, and in Apr...

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LympheDIVAs Style Files: Anastasia

Sometimes you've got to compress to impress and sometimes you have to compression and chill. We've paired our chilling Anastasia design with an easy pullover sweatshirt and jeans for a casual and...

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Meet LympheDIVAs President Josh Levin

Introducing a new series featuring the LympheDIVAs team so you can get to know us better! We will kick off this series with LympheDIVAs President and Rachel's Little Brother Josh Levin. How...

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How does graduated compression work?

Medical graduated compression garments are often a part of lymphedema therapy. Each medical graduated compression garment is assigned a compression class which determines how much pressure that garmen...

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Lymphedema & Cellulitis: Managing Your Risk

This blog post is for informational purpose only and should not be considered medical advice. If you suspect that you may have cellulitis, please contact your physician.If you have lymphedema or are a...

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3 Steps to Determine Your Compression Garment Size

For many patients, getting prescribed a compression garment to manage lymphedema or to use preventatively if they are at-risk for lymphedema will be their first experience in medical compression. Ther...

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