Discount Seconds

Seconds arm sleeves, gauntlets, and gloves feature all of our wonderful comfort, compression and style options but may have an imperfect DIVA Diamond Band (DB) on the arm sleeve, a misprint in the pattern or misapplication in the crystal, a stain produced during the dye or production process, or a visible crease. Each seconds purchase will have a card inside of the box that indicates why the garment is a second according to the criteria outlined above. 

All seconds are final sale and cannot be returned for any reason with the exception of a manufacturing defect, which must be reported within 15 days of purchase.

Please note when purchasing a second and first together (for example a second arm sleeve and a first glove) that a second may have a fault in the color or pattern and the garments may not match to each other. Actual product appearance may be different from the standard product photograph used on the website.

Shopping for seconds is easy! Use the left sidebar to narrow down the seconds based on compression class, size, diva diamond band preference, and length. Once you've narrowed down the items, scroll through your options of patterns and colors and purchase directly through the website. We are adding new items regularly, so if you don't see your size and compression please check back often.