Fitter's Aid App

Introducing a new, revolutionary way to fit LympheDIVAs compression garments. The Fitter’s Aid is a super-easy, super-fast fitting app for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. With the Fitter’s Aid the days of discerning confusing sizing charts are behind you. It is easy to get a sizing recommendation with the Fitter’s Aid app. Simply indicate your patient’s compression class, measurements and indicate whether they wear a hand compression garment and let the Fitter’s Aid do all the work. The Fitter’s Aid will provide you with the suggested sizing recommendation and all the other viable compression combinations to get your patient the compression they need! And now for the first time you will know the approximate compression at each measuring point! LympheDIVAs has revolutionized the compression garment industry and now we have revolutionized the way compression garments are being fit with the Fitter’s Aid app!