If you have insurance, you may have a durable medical equipment benefit to help pay for some or all of your compression garments.

We provide insurance codes at the bottom of all sales receipts. You may be required to submit a doctor's prescription and the receipt to be reimbursed. We do not require a prescription for purchase.


The process to get our garments, or any other durable medical manufacturer's, covered by Medicare is the same as when the garments are purchased through insurance. You would need to purchase the garments from a durable medical equipment supplier that processes insurance; the two major ones we work with are Luna Medical and SunMed Medical. They would be able to check your Medicare benefits and process the claim. Please note that all Medicare Part B durable medical equipment claims need to be accompanied by a prescription from a doctor or therapist with a diagnosis code for the condition the equipment aims to treat; in this case, it would be lymphedema.